Welfare Kings!

Free Stuff!! Welfare Queen!  Takers!  Obama is the food stamp president!

I remember reading those comments from of all of the right-wing blog sites and people on the right side of our nation’s ‘very disturbed and rankled body in years past.

They were referring to the people on the left side, (the side where the heart is) who they perceived as slackers who vote for big government to take care of them.  They maligned the welfare queens (who of course were low-income Black women), as lazy and not motivated to get off of government assistance. They said Mexicans take lower paying jobs and subsidize them with food stamps.

We knew that shit wasn’t true!

Well,  imagine my surprise and shock to learn yesterday that the Trump administration is putting together an aid package of $12 billion to help farmers affected by tariffs. The farmers will get direct payments and other types of assistance until things turn around.

This disaster is the result of tariffs that “Art of the Deal” Trump imposed against China, Canada, Mexico and the European Union that caused them to return the ‘favor’ and retaliate against our products,  hurting American farmers in particular. The soybean farmers have been hit the hardest, seeing their profits plummet by the millions.

After all this Conservative yapping about big government and deficits, it is strange to see these strongly held convictions easily cast away when a demagogue takes the reins. They flee from their long held policies, step to the side, and let turmoil enter the cornfield like a Stephen King horror flick.

Who resides between the rows?

Hell, if I know! These are strange times, indeed.

I know it is hard for any strong, independent, hardworking person to take assistance. There is some shame involved, but there shouldn’t be. It is meant to be a HAND, not  a handout, just like it was for that Black woman who finished college with her Ph.D., and that Mexican janitor who opened his own cleaning business. Government is suppose to provide for its citizens who have no other means of support until they can get back on their feet.

I never see corporations giving back their tax cuts.  Oh, I forget they ‘trickle-down’.

Of course, I feel bad for the farmers caught in the middle of Trump’s shortsighted gamble with world markets. I’m on the left. I have a heart. I hope that things quickly turn around  before permanent damage is done.

But for now to my newly crowned, WELFARE KINGS! Pull yourselves up by the boot-straps!

Embrace the LEFT and diversify your products!  Plant a new, profitable crop!


And if you’re tired of the crazy antics and hypocrisy of the GOP, VOTE BLUE FOR SANITY – SAVE AMERICA NOVEMBER 2020, IT TAKES YOU!


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