Save the Last Dance

Civil Rights Icon, John Lewis loved to dance, and he had sweet moves too. Whether it was at church or in his congressional office, he held his hand’s chest high and snapped his fingers when he danced.

The late U.S. Representative, who died July 17 at the age of 80 of Pancreatic cancer, will lie in state for two days at the Capitol Rotunda, where the nation has honored past presidents, lawmakers, and other distinguished citizens. On Sunday, a horse-drawn hearse with John Lewis’s coffin crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge for the final time.

It was a remarkable vision that conjures up so many memories and reflections.

The remembrance of the Selma March in 1965 where a young John Lewis led protesters across that bridge with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., leading the entire march.

The realization that the bridge is still named after Edmund Pettus, a Confederate Brigadier General, head of the Alabama Ku Klux Klan, and U.S. senator.

The coffin of John Lewis crossing the over the south-side of the bridge where mourners placed roses to mark the spot where John Lewis’s blood was spilled 55 years ago. [John Bazemore/AP Photo]

John Lewis was brave and fearless. In 1961 at age 21, he was imprisoned for over a month on a disorderly conduct charge for using a “White” bathroom in segregated Mississippi.

Just think that if Edmund Pettus had his way, John Lewis would have been lynched for not knowing “his place.”

It’s time to rename that bridge to bear the name of a brave, courageous freedom fighter and erase the name of a traitor, who believed in slavery and White supremacy. The John Lewis Bridge will be a fitting tribute to this American hero.

Friday, July 17, was a particularly rough day for civil rights history. Reverend C.T. Vivian also died on that day. He was 95. Cordy Tindell Vivian was a tireless champion for civil rights, author, and a close friend and trusted adviser to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. MLK referred to him as “the greatest preacher to ever live.” C.T. Vivian was also at the Selma March in 1965.

How is it possible to lose two great men of such honor and virtue on the same day? I guess heaven couldn’t wait, and the late, great Elijah Cummings was not enough.

President Barack Obama awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to John Lewis in 2011 and to C.T. Vivian in 2013.

Are they going home because their work here is done, or is the grand vision of a nation built on equality and justice futile?

After all, Russia figured out racism was our biggest weakness. They fueled and gassed up Trump to light the match.

So has God called the mission off?

Maybe the mission has been picked up by the World- millions of people because it is too much of burden for just one man, or two men. Maybe John Lewis, C.T. Vivian, Elijah Cummings, and Martin Luther King Jr.’s dreams’ have morphed into the consciousness of a new generation and have spread Worldwide.

Hopefully, Americans have finally recognized that racism is our #1 security risk and that we wouldn’t be in these dire times if 1/3 of American voters weren’t racist.


John Lewis, the legendary civil rights leader’s funeral will be held July 30 at Atlanta’s historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, which the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. once led. President Barack Obama will do the eulogy.

Notice, I said ‘President’ because that Orange mess in the WH is a traitor not a President.

I can visualize our hero, John Lewis dancing one last time.


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