Black Mass – Player 1 – Level Complete

Another miscarriage of justice arrived at Black Americans’ doorstep yesterday, like a major shipper who delivers the same package to the same address regularly.

No need to open it. We know the terrible news it contains.

Rusten Sheskey will not face charges in Jacob Blake’s shooting, Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley announced Tuesday.

Sheskey, a White officer, shot Blake, a 29-year-old Black man, seven times in the back while responding to a domestic incident on August 23, 2020. Blake survived the shooting but was left paralyzed from the waist down. This decision follows a slew of similar news in recent days.

On December 29, 2020, the Justice Department announced that the investigation into the fatal shooting of Tamir Rice, 12, on November 22, 2014, in Cleveland, Ohio, found insufficient evidence to support federal criminal charges. Cleveland Division of Police (CDP) Officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback will face no charges.

Adding to the situation is the December killings of two Black men in Columbus, Ohio by White police officers in separate encounters. The police officers did not record both incidents.

On December 4, Casey Goodson Jr., 23, was gunned down just as he stepped into his house by sheriff’s deputy Jason Meade.

On December 22, Andre Hill, 47, was killed in his garage as he held his cellphone by Officer Adam Coy.

In both instances, the Columbus police officers claim to have seen a gun and felt threatened by the victims.

Is there something more sinister that we are missing about law enforcement in America?

The FBI has the documentation to prove that White supremacists and militias have infiltrated police in the U.S.

Congressional hearings are not enough. Real police reform and independent oversight commissions are needed to get to the root cause of unnecessary force – KILLING of Black Americans.

Otherwise, we live in a deadly reality game that keeps replaying itself.


The circumstances, or shall we say the storyboard is the same- White male officer – Imperial Protector, must save humanity from the perceived danger of an armed Black villain. The Imperial Protector must eliminate the threat with lethal force. Failure to eliminate the enemy would result in the possible world domination of a destructive force – Black Americans.

The Imperial Powers warns, don’t be fooled by the victim’s harmless background as a law-abiding citizen, legal gun owner, or hardworking civilian. The Black American is an evil shapeshifter who has fooled his family and closest friends. The Imperial Protector had no other options.

After the termination, the Imperial Protector returns to his base. His deadly capabilities are drained and powered down. He awaits further orders regarding his actions.

The frustrated Black masses unite and grow angry. They protest, create slogans, and march against the injustices—the Imperial Powers dispatch bots to control the crowds and spot resisters.


The Imperial Bots grow bigger when they hit a prime resister. They get shields, armor, and rubber bullets. They score bonus points if they capture a superior BLM soldier. If they collect enough BLM tokens, they can buy Humvees and more superior weapons.

NEXT LEVEL: The Black masses have allied with sympathizers and recaptured some lost territory. They have strengthened and grown larger. They are becoming a lethal fighting machine. The world is with them- THE BLACK MASS!


A new Imperial Protector is in the lab getting new enhanced weaponry. His mission is to stop the Black Mass from achieving equality, criminal justice, and the same fundamental rights to liberty as the White masses.

An urgent message is scrolling on the Imperial Powers dashboard:
The primary threat is not defeated. The Black Mass is expanding their voting base. White privilege is in danger of extinction.

The Imperial Protector reenters the game fortified with next-generation artillery but still no cameras to record his actions.

He fires deadly rounds to scatter, to distract, and discourage the Black Mass. He only needs to hit one.

The final battle is crucial; if the Black Mass receives equal education, improved healthcare, respect, and enrichments in their lives- the Imperial Protector is weakened.


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